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5 Ways to Create Your Remarkable Life in BNI

By: Graham Weihmiller
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    Graham Weihmiller

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Last month, I had the terrific honor of presenting at BNI Italy’s National Conference in Rome.  The BNI team in Italy put on an outstanding event full of fun, learning, and recognition for the many achievements happening throughout BNI in Italy.  At one point, about 30 of us spent an evening touring Rome on Vespas – seeing the sights and taking in all of the wonder of that fascinating city.  It was an experience I’ll never forget. The week was full of remarkable experiences like that, as well as relationship building that will last a lifetime.  I want every BNI Member to have remarkable experiences like this in BNI, so here are a few ideas for consideration:

#1:  Set Up a One-to-One With Your BNI Executive Director:  Grabbing a cup of coffee with your regional BNI Executive Director will connect you with someone who is passionate about making sure you’re as successful as possible.  This takes no time at all, and it is a great way to immerse yourself in all of the resources available to you as a BNI Member.  While you’re with them, ask them how they became involved with BNI, and ask them about the key BNI Leaders to know in the region – and then get to know those regional leaders over One-to-Ones throughout the year that follows.

#2:  Visit Your BNI National Office:  When you’re traveling for business or pleasure, stop in to get to know the team that supports BNI in your country. The teams that work in BNI’s National Offices love to get to know BNI Members – especially new BNI Members. While there, ask them about upcoming events, about what seems to make BNI Chapters the most successful, and about the new tools and resources coming out worldwide to help BNI Members.

#3: Visit Another BNI National Conference or Members’ Day:  If you’ve not done so before, consider attending another country’s BNI National Conference or Members’ Day event.  Before attending, email their BNI National Office to help set-up One-to-Ones with BNI Members from that country that might be most relevant for you.  Of course, a BNI travel agent can help you plan your visit so that you see the best of everything on your trip!

#4:  Going on Vacation Soon?  Speaking of travel, when you’re on vacation, take a few minutes ahead of time to see which BNI Members might be based near where you’re going.  Send them a brief note to see if they’re available for a One-to-One.  This will add a unique element to your vacation, and you’ll build a new relationship in the process!

#5:  Go Big!  Of course there’s no better way to experience all that is BNI than by attending the Members’ Event at BNI’s Global Convention in Bangkok, Thailand this November.  Learn more about the largest event in BNI’s history here!  There, you will find the latest techniques to build your business through referrals, the latest tools and resources available to you, and you’ll have the opportunity to build relationships with thousands of purpose-driven business leaders from around the world.  Did I mention that it will also be a ton of fun?  If you’re looking for a way to recharge and take yourself to a new level of success, this is it.

BNI has so many incredible experiences to offer. Take some time now to get plugged into BNI at the region, country, and global level, and you’ll find more opportunities than you ever thought possible.  I wish you an excellent and remarkable journey in BNI!