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  • San Antonio, TX, USA
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Posted on 03-02-2023
Job Summary

Job Description

***Please only apply if you are a candidate in the San Antonio or Austin Markets


The Senior Launch Coach (SLC) will lead the launch efforts of an entire BNI Region, or cluster of BNI Regions.  


SLC’s will be responsible for creating a platform for exponential growth in area of responsibility through a team of skilled Chapter Launch Coaches. The SLC will become the Region’s Launch Team advocate and attract talented people who love to build chapters, impact small businesses and empower others to succeed. They will implement the weekly routines and daily activities that are the keys to success developed during the Rapid Chapter Launch pilot program. 


Roles and Responsibilities 

Create the Region’s Launch Strategy 

  • Develop the Region’s launch culture and overall vision. Provide inspired leadership region-wide.  
  • Foster a success-oriented, accountable, and positive environment within the Launch Team.  
  • Collaborate with the National Launch Director on the development, communication, and implementation of effective Region-wide launch tactics and processes. 
  • Identify areas of opportunity within the Region for Core Group locations.  


Develop and Lead a Successful Team  

  • Identify, attract, recruit and retain recommended members of the team. 
  • Support, motivate, and empower a high-performing Coach Team; provide mentoring as a cornerstone of management.  
  • Performance manage team to achieve launch goals, utilizing 4DX and accountability tactics. Create a culture of following the program and hitting benchmarks. 
  • Conduct weekly check-in and coaching sessions for CLCs on progress. 
  • Manage commission plans and payroll.  


Launch Chapters and Achieve Targets 

  • Work with Chapter Launch Coaches to schedule, plan, prepare, and facilitate Launch Team meetings, Launch Pad Meetings, Core Group Rally Meetings, Founder’s Meetings and Strategy Sessions as necessary. 
  • Set monthly goals for FIRM pipeline and Core Groups. 
  • Attend Regional Leadership Roundtables to generate interest in Launch and recruit future CLCs 
  • Audit all Core Groups in BNI Connect two times weekly for number of paid, approved, and waiting for payment/incomplete apps. 
  • Maintain WhatsApp Groups for all Launch participants within Region, creating a culture of wins and celebration. 
  • Report on the weekly, monthly, and quarterly performance of the Region to the National Launch Director and CORE Leadership Team. 


Minimum Requirements 

  • Proven experience in a managerial position 
  • Sales and Sales Management experience 
  • Strong understanding of performance management principles 
  • Self-starter with outstanding organizational and leadership skills 
  • Ability to provide constructive feedback and coach each team member to reach their full potential 
  • Excellent communication and public speaking skills 
  • BNI Director for at least 1 year #LI-Remote
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