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Welcome and thank you for participating in our online surveys - we value your feedback. Your feedback drives changes, ideas, and updates to not only the site, but the BNI program as a whole. New surveys are added regularly so be sure to check this page often.


 Where does most of your business come from (what is the primary source)?

 What % of your business comes from "word-of-mouth" or "referrals"?

 Approximately What % of Your Referrals Turn Into New Business?

 Have you ever taken a college course that covered the subject of networking or word-of-mouth marketing?

 How many business/networking groups do you currently belong to (such as a Chamber of Commerce, service club, professional association, and of course... BNI).

 If you are currently a Member of a Networking Organization, such as BNI, how long have you been involved?

 On average, how many networking meetings and/or mixers do you attend each week?

 Do you currently belong to a Chamber of Commerce?

 Where do you plan on spending the majority of your marketing efforts over the next 12 months?

 What is your primary objective for networking?

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 Has networking played a role in your success?

 What is the most important trait or characteristic of a good networker?

 What do you feel is your greatest weakness in networking?

 What do you feel is your greatest strength in networking?

 Do you track the business you get as a result of your networking?

 Do you have a systematic approach for following up with people you meet through networking?

 Do you have a systematic approach for staying in contact with people you meet?

 Do you have a system to track any money that you generate from your participation in networking groups?

 Which of these statements most describe networking for you?

 Which of the following is most important to you when referring business to others?

 How have you developed your networking skills?

 When networking for business, I believe