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A New World of Opportunity: Highlights from #INW19

BNI’s 2019 International Networking Week was an incredible success. Please view some of the most visible highlights from around the world.

*This page will be updated as additional submissions are received

BNI New York (BNI U.S.)

Check out the publicity for this #INW19 event out of Horseheads, New York. Two of their members, Manda Lewis and Peter Wallin, showcased this with a spotlight on their local news station. Please view the clip below!

WENY News: Local Group To Host Networking Event For Area Business Owners and Professionals

In addition, here’s some images from the event.

BNI South Africa

Check out these videos submitted out of BNI Winelands & BNI Joburg South Central.

BNI Israel

BNI Israel celebrated their Members’ Day in conjunction with #INW19. This event, which included an Awards Breakfast for 68 Members, was dedicated to showing respect to our valued Members. During the event, a special award was presented to Israel’s top chapter (BNI Business in Motion) for their annual achievements:

  • 58 Members
  • 84% Retention Rate
  • 14 Million Israeli Shekel in TYFCB (Equal to $4 Million USD) 

In 2018, BNI Israel saw a grand total of $60 Million USD in TYFCB. 

This #INW19 Awards Breakfast was an incredible success and brought hundreds of BNI Israel members to meet, network, develop more relationships for more business opportunities. We’re proud of the impact that BNI Israel Members are making across the world! Please view the recap below.

BNI Arizona (BNI U.S.)

BNI Arizona kicked off International Networking Week 2019 kicked off bang here. They had an incredible number of attendees prepared to open up A New World of Opportunity!



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