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International Networking Week 2016 Recap

By: Eden Creamer-Hurdle
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International Networking Week® 2016 saw countless events across the globe, as hundreds of business people experienced networking a whole new way.

This year’s International Networking Week was centered around inviting younger business people to the networking events. So many young people enter the workforce without a strong foundation of skills in networking, and International Networking Week is a great way to immerse them in this field.

In Beaumont, Texas, Dr. Ivan Misner visited with the Better Business Bureau for a day-long conference as part of International Networking Week. This was the only 2016 event that Dr. Misner participated in, and of course there was great success here, with hundreds of BNI members and directors, as well as non-BNI members, turning out.

In Malta, more than 170 companies came together to participate in the country’s second inclusion in International Networking Week.  This was the largest International Networking Week event held in Malta to date. The National Director for BNI in Malta, David Bullock, said, “The International Networking Week provides an opportunity for members and their guests to open new personal networking relationships – it’s a new philosophy of how to generate more business that can be applied to all sectors. As a result, we can’t help but notice that Malta BNI is growing at an exceptional rate as more companies are seeing the multiplier effect offered by business referrals.”

BNI Zimbabwe adopted a local theme for their International Networking Week celebration: “Networking for Business Success.” In Zimbabwe, the program was specifically aimed to help local government, businesses and the community get to know BNI. Over 50 people participated in the events that week, and two new members were brought into BNI chapters in the country just through International Networking Week events.

BNI Switzerland had a truly one of a kind experience, renting out a movie theater and taking a flight – all in the name of networking. Check out the full event write up here.

Over 300 people attended the International Networking Week event in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The event, featured this month on the top of BNISuccessNet, is one of the larger events of 2016.

In Israel, the largest International Networking Week event to date was held. BNI Israel’s National Conference was timed and held specifically to encourage visitors and bring in new members. Learn more about the conference here.

There were dozens of other events held throughout the week. To learn more, visit