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Daily Disciplines to Create Momentum in Your Business

By: Eden Creamer-Hurdle
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    Eden Creamer-Hurdle

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Business professionals are always looking for ways to get a little more out of their days. Articles and videos recounting “My Daily Routine” are all over the internet, and so many people are willing to pick up one or two daily activities to help maximize their time.

Below is a collection of nine daily disciplines we’ve heard from leaders in the BNI family. While they may not work for every professional, combinations may help you find long-terms success in your business.

Your Morning

  • Have breakfast. You’re not too busy for breakfast, and there is a reason this is called the most important meal of the day.
  • Exercise. This will mean something different for most professionals, but you should try to start each day getting your heart pumping and endorphins flowing. A quick run, a bit of yoga, lifting some weights, or a brisk walk can all help you start the day.

Your Day

  • Read something. Current events, a book, or an article about improving business strategy. Read something that interests you, and absorb what you learn. By staying informed, you improve how well you can network and communicate with others by giving yourself new topics to connect on.
  • Connect with someone you haven’t spoken to in few weeks. If you make it a habit to reconnect with one person every day, you’ll continue staying in touch with people in your network and will show them how much you care about their relationship.
  • Be present. As BNI Founder Dr. Ivan Misner says, when you’re working, work. When you’re with family, focus on family. Be present in what you are doing and the conversations you’re having. Your productivity will thank you.
  • Organize your work space. While some research shows clutter can be a sign of productivity, other studies tell us that being surrounded by clutter can clutter your mind. Take some time to tidy around your work space, a small amount of time each day, and see improvements in your work.
  • Track your other habits. The Bullet Journal craze has come and in some ways died down, but the benefits of tracking what you do each day still remain. Taking note of your steps, your water intake, or whether you spent money that day can help you get a better picture of your habits and help you identify places that you could improve your routines.

Your Evening

  • Prepare for your next day. Organize to-do lists, evaluate the priorities for the day and plan your outfit. The more you can do for yourself before the day begins, the better off you will be.
  • Keep a regular bedtime. Your kids aren’t the only ones with bedtimes anymore. Studies show that going to sleep at the same time each night can help your body get used to a pattern and make sleeping easier.
  • Write down your anxiety. If you’ve got a lot on your mind, you may find that you have trouble falling asleep when you need to. Keep a notepad and paper by your bedside and write down anything that is bothering you or keeping you up. The simple act of acknowledging your anxieties can help you sleep.

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