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This Member Success story comes from Cédric Mathieu, who is a member of 86-02 BNI du Pays Châtelleraudais in BNI France. Cédric is a first-year member who has seen phenomenal gains in the short time that he has been with BNI. It has transformed his life both personally and professionally.

"What I'm doing today thanks to BNI was unthinkable seven months ago!"

Each of us has moments of serendipity, but for Cédric, his moment has allowed him to fully realize the potential of a BNI Membership.

Every time a new entrepreneur visits a BNI chapter, it is the start of a new journey. One that involves a community of Members practicing the philosophy of Givers Gain® while supporting each other through the passing of referrals. For Cédric, the founder and managing Director of CCM Décapage, his initial experience was much more than that. He recalls it as being “A day that he would not forget”. A day that marked an inflection point in his life.

Sometimes the journey to membership is moving and emotional, as it was for Cédric. When his father became ill, while living in the Creuse, Cédric felt a need to move closer to his parents. At the time, he had been living in Paris and had been a partner in an industrial stripping company, with a focus on servicing underground car parks. When his wife, who worked for the “French National Railway Company” (SNCF), was granted a transfer, his family dropped everything and “moved to the Indre et Loire and the region of Vienne.” When they subsequently purchased a house in the area, their window blinds were not up to par. That led Cédric to the local branch of the Monsieur Store Chain, where by chance, he began speaking with Vincent Baudier, the store manager and a local BNI Member.

“I was starting from scratch…”

One thing led to another and they began focusing their conversation on Cédric’s profession. “I had just opened up a small company with a specialization in stripping. I was starting from scratch… During our conversation, Vincent told me that he was a member of a local BNI Chapter. He explained the Core Values and invited me!"

It was an A-ha moment, as Cédric was drawn to the energy of the group. He quickly applied and was approved as a member.

Since then, Cédric has experienced staggering success: in 7 months of membership, Cédric has received no less than 77 recommendations! “I realize that my services are in-demand: individuals, businesses, or communities, you name it... It’s no coincidence that 70% of my Chapter has recommended me…” It must be noted that Cédric responds in kind, and fully embraces the law of reciprocity.

“I only work off of BNI referrals now!”

And Business is good for Cédric: “I’ve made almost 110,000 Euros so far. By September I’ll be at 130,000 Euros. It’s quite simple, I only work through referrals and no longer have time to take on additional projects! What I’m achieving today thanks to BNI was unthinkable 7 months ago.”

As a result of his move and success, Cédric’s parents are reassured about his future and get to see him more often. “Thanks to all the work BNI brings me, my parents are secure, and I can also comfortably plan my children’s education…”