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5 Tricks to Remembering Someone's Name

By: Eden Creamer-Hurdle
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    Eden Creamer-Hurdle

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As a business professional, you’re likely to meet countless new people each year. Whether at networking events, at training seminars, or even just people who come through your business. As you meet these new people, a key to developing lasting relationships is to start small and show that you appreciate the other person.

The problem so many networkers face, however, is that they meet so many people that they struggle remembering names. Being unable to remember someone’s name is one of the easiest ways to start off a relationship on a rocky path. So how do you help yourself remember a name? Check out these tips to help you build those relationships.

  1. When you first meet someone, mention their name a few times in conversation. Nothing excessive, but a simple “Great to meet you, too, John!” or “Wow, Karen, your field sounds fascinating!” can help your memory immensely.
  2. Focus on your conversation. Don’t let your mind wander or your eyes scan the room while you are talking. Being fully present in your conversation can help you pick up more about the person and hopefully aid you in remembering their name.
  3. Ask a few questions that are deeper than surface level. Where did they go to school, how many children to they have, what are their hobbies, etc. Ask a question that is appropriate for the setting and conversation you are having, but be sure to get at least one non-work-related fact about the person to help humanize them and help you remember them.
  4. Connect their name with someone (or something) you already know. Perhaps you connect the real estate agent Tony with Tony the Tiger. Whatever connection works for you is a grrrrrreat way to help you remember the name.
  5. As you close your conversation, get their business card so you can write a couple notes about them on the back. Remembering Susan might be as easy as noting on her card that she has long, brown hair and

Remembering names can be the first step in developing a lasting relationship with a new referral partner. How do you remember names of people you meet? Join in the conversation on Facebook