Nos partenaires

Why Partner with BNI?

BNI Global is looking for companies interested in becoming National and Global Strategic Partners. For inclusion in our BNI Member Benefit Program, our carefully selected partners must be able add tangible value to our Members while delivering exceptional brand promise consistent with the philosophy of BNI. Sponsorship at BNI Global events is also a unique opportunity for direct exposure to your target audience and is part of our Strategic Partner program.

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    BNI Member Information

    63% of members have less than 10 employees
    33% of members have 10 to 100 employees
    4% of members have over 100 employees

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    BNI Members Generate Billions in Business Annually

    With over 8,000 chapters meeting in communities globally, BNI® Members are creating micro-economies.

Que signifie être partenaire BNI ?

BNI recherche des partenaires stratégiques pour établir des relations mutuellement bénéfiques et sources d'informations, d'entraide et de recommandations.Nous nous engageons fermement pour la promotion mutuelle au sein de nos organisations.