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Meet Annie Armen - Communications Artist

Annie Armen (aka The Hurricane) is a long-time friend of Dr. Ivan Misner and BNI.

WHY Annie Armen?
If you are looking for customized, communications services to strategically impact and grow your business for the long term, meet Annie Armen.
As a Communications Artist for over 20 years - Speaking, Consulting, Advising, Writing, and Broadcasting -- Annie is on a mission to serve as a bridge between your vision and performance, passionately dedicated to helping you find and own your "WHY" in business & in life! She specializes in the following 5 WHY rooted areas: Communication, Core Values, Driving Human Capital, Driving Performance and Productivity, and Driving Loyalty. 

HOW Does This Impact Your Business in Terms of Long-Term Results? 

  • You will achieve your business goals and objectives with clarity of purpose, vision, values, communication, authentic direction, and driven performance. 
  • You will have a LOYAL team fueled with energy and enthusiasm, working confidently in harmonious synergy, momentum and TRUST. 
  • You and your company with THRIVE, generating ROI with sustainability power, productivity, and performance

For more information on Annie's Speaking and consulting services, WHY Annie Armen Blog, or to access her 10 year, successful radio program - Annie Armen Show - show casing audio AND video interviews with Dr. Ivan Misner, please visit http://www.AnnieArmen.com  

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Ariel & Shya Kane, Catalysts for Effective Communication

Since 1987, internationally acclaimed, award-winning authors, seminar leaders, and business consultants Ariel and Shya Kane have provided ongoing consulting and interactive seminars for a range of clients from individuals and couples to entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies. Their transformational approach allows people to discover satisfaction and increased productivity in all areas of their lives, without working on their "problems." Their approach is geared towards those who want to operate at peak efficiency while having all aspects of their work and lives be a highly satisfying experience. Visit their website to hear Ariel & Shya's interview with Dr. Ivan Misner on the archives page of their top-rated Internet radio show Being Here. 

For more about the Kanes and Kanes' books, seminars, Being Here Internet radio show and their Excellence Club online community, please visit their website.   

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ChamberofCommerce.com's mission statement is to help local businesses grow their business on the web and to facilitate connectivity between local businesses and more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce worldwide.  ChamberofCommerce.com strives to:

  • Help facilitate increased membership with local Chambers of Commerce.
  • Provide technology tools and education to Chambers of Commerce to help them more effectively communicate with and support their members online.
  • Provide technology tools and education to local businesses to help them develop, manage and grow their web presence.

ChamberofCommerce.com has partnered with popular search engines, data providers and directories to help local businesses manage their information on ChamberofCommerce.com and across the web. For more information please visit   www.chamberofcommerce.com.

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FAST180 Press

FAST180 Press is the publisher of Money on the Table, Referrals in the Bank, Dr. Ivan Misner's ground-breaking masterpiece on business networking Power Teams and target markets. With its mission of transforming business experts into published authors, FAST180 Press spealizes in unique co-author and personalized foreward book publishing opportunities, as well as directional editing, ghost writing and other publishing solutions. As a friend of BNI, FAST180 Press is an active participant in the BNI Author/Mentor Program.

Lee Abraham, Founder of FAST180 Press and co-author of Money on the Table has been a BNI member since 1993, as well as a BNI Area Director since 2002, and has created a variety of Power Team training and coaching programs for networking groups and businesses. Spanning a variety of industries, from real estate, insurance and construction, to health, wellness and beyond. Lee's webinar and live event programs intergrate Money on the Table's tools and systems into an easy-to-follow, Power Team blue print for virtually any business, in any industry. As a friend of BNI, FAST180 Press creates ten minute Power Team workshops for BNI Director presentations to local BNI chapters.

Lee Abraham - abe@moneyonthetablebook.com - 928.713.1563 - lee.abraham1 (skype)

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Audio Conferencing Solutions
Free Conferencing Corporation is the largest privately owned conference call service provider in the world. In addition to Fortune 500 companies, those using our service include a fast growing number of international corporations, small and medium sized businesses, nonprofits, churches, community groups and even ordinary citizens who want to communicate with their relatives and friends.
We offer both toll and toll free 800 dial-in numbers. Let me help you select the best service for your conferencing needs. We recommend a quick demonstration of our service to get started. That will give you the information needed to make the best decision for your company. Please call Eric Hackley to schedule your demonstration at (877) 482-5838 Ext. 2282 or email:  ehackley@simpletollfree.com

For more information about Free Conferencing Corporation, please visit their website at: www.FreeConferenceCall.com

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Get Slightly Famous

Get Slightly Famous: Become A Celebrity In Your Field and Attract More Business with Less Effort, by Steven Van Yoder. The best clients and customers are those that seek you out because they have already heard of you. Get Slightly Famous shows how to build visibility and credibility, and attract more business, by positioning yourself as a valuable resource and mini-celebrity within your target market.

Packed with more than 100 real-world success stories, as well as advice from top marketing gurus including Jay Levinson and Susan RoAne, this book is a practical "toolbox" of strategies on how to become a center of influence within your industry. Paper, 271 pages. Bay Tree Publishing. ISBN: 0-972002-1-1. $16.95 $4.00 s&h.

"Tips from the Guru"   See page 128 in Get Slightly Famous for notes from Dr. Ivan Misner on developing your networking contact sphere. 
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Referral Flood

How to generate a flood of new business without spending one dime on advertising by John Jantsch. Referral Flood is an insider's roadmap to referral marketing featuring over 50 real-life referral marketing examples, over 4 hours of audio CDs, sample letters and other referral marketing tools.

"Tips from an expert" - Referral Flood features a networking article by Dr. Ivan Misner and promotes, links to and endorses BNI in the chapter on network building.

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SalesDog.com publishes a weekly newsletter of sales-accelerating advice that BNI members and Directors can subscribe to for free at: http://www.salesdog.com/subscribe.asp.

Those who are interested can purchase our bestselling book of sales advice by 50 top experts, and receive thousands of dollars in business-building bonuses at http://www.salesdog.com/gifts.asp.

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Salesopedia - The World of Sales From A to Z

If you are networking, you are probably doing so to sell a product or service. Salesopedia is a resource rich site to support your efforts. Absoutely free, Salesopedia houses over 2,200 sales related articles from 300 authors plus the largest sales and marketing glossary on the Internet. You can even post your business card for a very modest annual fee. Visit the networking article section which features, Dr. Ivan Misner among many others!

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SCORE Small Business Counseling

SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business" is the only provider of free online business counseling in the small business marketplace.  Connect with a volunteer business counselor today or visit SCORE.org for practical tools, including business plan templates and online workshops, to help your small businesses grow and succeed.

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