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BNI Recognition

BNI would like to announce its Founder's Awards!

Founder's Awards are issued to BNI chapters that represent the top ten percent of the organization in terms of performance. They must have a minimum of 30 members, be nominated by the local BNI Director, and be approved by the Founder. These chapters are specifically recognized for excellent performance relating to referrals, visitors, new members, commitment, enthusiasm, and - most importantly - attitude. 

Directors nominate chapters in their region to receive the Founder's Award. They are provided to no more than ten percent of the chapters in a region in any given year. They are also announced in SuccessNet Online. Current winners are listed below: 

To apply for a Founder's Award, the Director needs to send in the application, Form 0221, to BNI Headquarters. Upon approval, the award will be sent out to present to the chapter on behalf of Dr. Ivan Misner. The application form is in the Directors' Manual. To obtain a form, email


United States

- BNI Mountaineer; Brian Alcorn, West Virginia
- BNI Network One; Dana Fusco, New York
- BNI Noon Networkers; Greg Haupert, Nevada
- BNI Old Colony; Brenda Curry, Rhode Island