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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Let's Connect!-A Practical Way for Highly Effective Professional Networking
Jan Vermeiren, known far and wide as “The Networking Coach,” trains and coaches people to tap into the power of their network with a “first give” attitude. Because of his vast training and experience in networking, Jan has been hired by large companies such as IBM and Ernst & Young, as well as small companies and freelancers to build their networking efforts.
Now, in his new book Let’s Connect!—A Practical Guide for Highly Effective Professional Networking, Jan is sharing his extensive networking knowledge with the rest of the world and giving you access to his valuable insights! 
Here are just some of the questions answered in Let’s Connect!
·         How do I tap into the power of my network to reach my goals faster?
·         Which steps can I take to establish and maintain a relationship?
·         What is the best question in networking?
·         How do I prepare for a networking event?
·         How do I start and end a conversation at an event?
·         Is it really a small world, and if so, what does that mean for me?
·         Which tools can I use to network more efficiently?
·         What is online networking and how do I go about it?
·         Which follow-up actions can I take?
·         How do I introduce two people at an event or via e-mail?
A full list of answers to questions, testimonials, a table of contents, press reviews, and information about the bonus material you will receive when you purchase Let’s Connect can be found at: www.LetsConnectBook.com
To purchase Let’s Connect directly from Amazon.com, please click here:
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