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Friday, September 04, 2009

BNI Visualized -- Invite Visitors to Your BNI Chapter with Ease!

What is BNI Visualized

BNI Visualized is a set of process diagrams that explain how BNI works and why BNI is the best marketing tool for businesses. BNI Visualized is a time-saving tool that enhances the invitation process for BNI members. Using BNI Visualized also helps new members quickly understand the value of BNI—to see how BNI can grow their businesses.
Who is BNI Visualized for?
BNI Visualized is intended for members who are looking for a better way to invite guests to be a part of their local BNI chapter. It’s also a great tool for Secretary Treasurers to use during the “Why Join BNI?” section of the meeting.
How can I get maximum results using BNI Visualized?
1.     E-mail: Include these links—How BNI Works and Why Join BNI—in your invitation and ask potential guests to watch the animation.
2.     Poster/Flyer: Print How BNI Works and Why Join BNI and use them during your weekly meeting.
3.     Send out Invites: Use the pictureplus feature in SOC to send out invitations—Download SOC ready version.
4.     Work with your chapter’s leadership team, graphic designer, PR rep, or web designer to see how you can incorporate BNI Visualized to attract more guests.
Why was BNI Visualized Created?
BNI Visualized cuts through the static, pointing to the essence of BNI through visual languge. BNI Visualized is yet another revolutionary way BNI is transferring information from source to audience-potential members.
Terms of Use
Use your imagination and have fun incorporating BNI Visualized into your chapter’s marketing plan. Do not manipulate the original content/layout/design without prior written consent from 2Q Creations.
BNI Visualized Creator, Steven Lin, is Founder and creative Director at 2Q Creations, a visual thinking agency in Vancouver. 2Q’s mission is to communicate information visually. 2Q’s use of visual language creates UNDERSTANDING through SIMPLICITY for greater EFFECT, so the target audience “GETS IT.” 
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