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BNI Official Logos 

These logos may be downloaded by Directors, Chapters and Members for appropriate BNI activities. Please note: the color that should be used on all BNI material is PMS 506.
Should you wish to place the BNI logo and/or a hyperlink to
www.BNI.com on a personal or company website to indicate that you are a BNI member, this is permissible as long as you maintain current membership in BNI and you abide by the rules for correct logo usage set forth in the BNI Branding Standards (e.g., clear space surrounding the logo must be 20% of logo height at top and bottom and 20% of logo width at each side, etc.). It is not permissible to use the BNI logo and/or hyperlink to BNI.com in a way that suggests sponsorship or endorsement of your website and/or company by BNI. BNI reserves the right to revoke permissions to place the BNI logo and/or hyperlink(s) to www.BNI.com on any given website at any time.  

 CategoryTitleSize (Kb) Description
BNI Social Media Profile Pic Logo18.68DownloadFormatted for Social Media Profile Pictures JPG extension
BNI Social Media Profile Pic Logo (png)42.29DownloadFormatted for Social Media Profile Pictures PNG extension
BNI-Misner Charitable Foundation Logo724.57DownloadOfficial BNI-Misner Charitable Foundation Logo
BNI Color Logo - EPS173.86DownloadBNI Color Logo - EPS
BNI Logo B&W Intl Version95.29DownloadOfficial Black and White Logo - International Version
BNI Logo Color Intl Version Lg176.69DownloadOfficial Color Logo - International Version (jpg)